Allie & Jeff



When Allie and I got engaged, there was only one person we wanted planning our wedding. Alice was one of our biggest allies when it came to making one of the most important days of our lives so memorable.  It wasn't until we sat down and had our first meeting with Alice that I realized how much planning goes into a wedding.  In that same meeting, I realized that we were in good hands.  Alice had spreadsheets.  She helped us to find an amazing, affordable DJ. She walked us through planning our day as if it were flowers and dandelions compared to the burning wreckage that would’ve been had we planned it ourselves.  She was intentional about keeping us accountable to get things done in a timely matter.  We got texts, calls, and emails making sure we were doing okay every step of the way.The day of the wedding was absolutely amazing.  It went off without a hitch.  She even acted as a barrier for us at the reception, keeping people away so that Allie and I actually had a chance to eat our dinner.  She made sure that we didn't forget the small important details that made our day so special.  We really couldn’t have done it without her, and now we have a magical day to look back on.


Alice is brilliant. She was able to tap into my mind and understand everything I wanted on the day of the wedding. The day-of execution of planning worked out just how I had envisioned. On our wedding day, it actually started to rain 30 minutes before the ceremony, which happened to be outside. The way Alice approached the situation with my mom and I was so calm and collected, which is exactly what we needed in that moment. She was ready with multiple backup plans in the case we needed to move the wedding indoors.  Thankfully, the rain stopped right before ceremony was to begin, and we were able to stay outdoors! The comfort knowing that Alice had everything covered, no matter the situation, gave me peace of mind. Our night was everything I had dreamed of. Jeff and I had to stick to a strict timeline in order to fit in things like pictures before the ceremony, and Alice ensured that it was her priority as well. Jeff and I continually receive comments about how much people loved our wedding and how beautiful the night was. While many people played an important role in making our night so spectacular, we give special credit to Alice. She was able to prep and plan accordingly with us throughout the short engagement process leading up to the big day, while also  genuinely empathizing with our excitement and joy. Alice sets the bar very very high. Her work ethic is outstanding. Her dedication to her clients is unheard of. Any event given to her will be successful, simply because she is apart of it. Thank you Alice for allowing this day to be such a beautiful memory for us! #BossLady