Meet Alice

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved creating special experiences for the people I adore. 

In fifth grade, I had a teacher that I adored so much I was compelled to create the perfect celebration for her approaching 50th birthday. During recess I relayed my idea of a surprise party to another teacher and coordinated with her to get each parent’s phone number so I could call and get them on board. I made a food sign up list, addressed a color scheme and prepared a schedule so the food would be delivered on time without compromising the surprise. I even took on the task of baking her favorite cake (with a little bit of mom's help)! 

The day of the party Mrs. Johnson was incredibly surprised and parents came to me to express their praise for my organization. Mrs. Johnson was tickled with astonishment that this was orchestrated by me and not a parent. She was touched by the details that made her party unique- from themes of her preferred colors and foods, everything was so intentionally all of her favorite things!

Fast forward to today, I now have the joy of creating treasured events for the people YOU adore with an even keener intention and thoroughness than the little fifth-grader phoning parents for sign-ups. Also, to honor my word of making sure that the event is memorable for all the right reasons, I now leave the cake making to the bakers.