April & Marco's Wedding

"What do you do when you are an event planner and your bestie gets engaged and you get knocked up in the same week? You call the one person on the planet you trust as much as you trust yourself - Alice Issac. Being in the wedding and coordinating the wedding is tricky enough, but add being five months pregnant to the mix and it just doesn't work. Luckily, Alice took control and took care of everything. She managed the set-up of the ceremony and reception sites (even kindly charming the delivery people into dropping off their items in the appropriate locations which we didn't pay them to do), ran the ceremony (including the troubleshooting of tech issues moments before go-time), ran the reception (including being the impromptu MC), and made me look really good (and really, what else matters?). The guests loved her, my bestie the bride loved her, and I, forever and always, love her."

~Jennifer Wallace, Maid of Honor