Joy & Philip's Wedding

"Alice was a Godsend!!! I really don't know what we would have done without Alice! She joined our wedding planning process three months prior to the date that we had set. Let me tell you, we did not have much outside of our venue AND we were planning the day from New York due to my fiance working on Broadway while I myself was back and forth from England, but the wedding itself was going to be taking place in Los Angeles. The venue that we had booked for our reception had fallen through and we were having a hard time bringing everything together in time and in budget. Alice reached out to offer her services and soon huge weights were being lifted off of our shoulders. Nothing was too much or too impossible to achieve for her. The ceremony entailed a full production of 15 groomsmen, 8 bridesmaids, 2 young flower girls and a ring bearer, a dance piece, 3 different vocal performances, a spoken word piece, 2 pastors, a candle lighting ceremony, communion, and a special 10 person prayer ceremony. She worked tirelessly to secure a new reception venue and bring together all that we needed to make it a beautiful and memorable day. From day one Alice was for us, for our wedding, for our marriage and to have someone on board like that was INVALUABLE.

We will be forever grateful to Alice and her team as on the day of our wedding they did not let one detail bother us and made sure everything that we had planned and prepared came about without a hitch. Our wedding day was exactly what we planned and far more than that with guests telling us afterwards that it was one of the best that they had attended. That is testimony to how hard Alice worked and how much she chose to believe in us and believe in the dreams that we had. It’s easy to find someone who can plan an event but it’s not as easy to find someone who will care for you as a couple, believe in you and your vision, help plan your wedding and care for it as much as, if not more than, you do - we definitely found that in Alice Issac!"

- Joy Attmore