"Alice was an excellent producer/director, both hardworking and imaginative. She worked well with both myself and the musical director, creating opportunities for us to be involved in the process of creating a beautiful production that audiences would enjoy. Alice was a strong leader, from the very beginning of the cast selection through the rehearsals and applied her vision even to hands-on assistance in building of the sets.

The cast and crew especially enjoyed working with Ms. Issac. She was able to apply her knowledge and vision to help each person grow in their characterizations and roles within the show. She used time wisely during rehearsals and her dedication and vision brought about not only a great show that encouraged the growth of the school's music department, but she rallied the cast and many are still close friends to this day. Alice has a special gift with people, and learning and working with her was a distinct pleasure.

I would highly recommend Alice for any work of this nature in the future. Her abilities, creative vision, systematic planning, people skills, and love for this type of work are one of a kind."



Autumn Buzzell

Director of Education