Danielle Bennett Spoken Word Evening and Book Release Party

"Saying thank you a thousand times over to Alice would still not be enough for all the ways she made sure that I would be ready for the day of my release party! It was a season of just so much on my plate. With many poems to have memorized for the performance, it was so wonderful to have my mind ease knowing she was going to handle all the other details. From arranging the beautiful presentation of my merchandise table and having one of her friendly staff members manning it for guests to come by and make purchases; to creating a nice flow of the evening performances, as well as making sure that I felt good about what I was wearing. My performances are infused with so much feeling and so to have her really consider that detail of making sure I had plenty of options to choose from so I could put together the right outfit to feel confident in, meant the world to me. Trust your next event to Alice Issac Productions and oh my cakes I know you’ll find yourself thanking her a thousand times over too.”