Erica & Marcos' Wedding

"My name is Erica Rodriguez and our experience with Alice was second to none. My friend Bridget had first met Alice at her friends wedding the year prior. She couldn't stop raving about the sincere enthusiasm and passion Alice had for making a bride happy. And I was not disappointed.  I wouldn't say I am a difficult person per say, but I do know what I do NOT like. Alice was extremely patient with me and intensively listened to all of my needs and wants. 

I hired Alice for a Day of wedding coordinator but she was much more than that. My fiancé husband didn't understand why we needed a coordinator but now won't stop recommending one to his friends that are getting married. The months leading up to the wedding -the crucial and stressful months- were made seamless by Alice. Alice joined me at all of my final walk throughs and knew exactly what to do. I had no idea on how a ceremony worked or the how to organize the flow of it. Alice handled everything. She offered suggestions on music, different vendors, and a perfect timeline for the day. 

The day was perfect. I felt completely confident that we would be able to enjoy our entire day without a flaw. And if there was...I had no idea about it because Alice handled it. I was able to enjoy every aspect of my wedding day and I can honestly say it was PERFECT.

After the day, my Husband completely understood why we had Alice there. He said himself he couldn't have imagined what it would have been like without her. I will be recommending Alice to anyone I know who is getting married and ensure them that she will excite their vision flawlessly. "

-Erica Rodriguez