Broadway's Amanda Jane Cooper's Solo Cabaret JAZZ HANDS 

"Alice is hands-down the most gifted, capable, creative, professional, adaptable, present and willing coordinator with integrity and a bar set above excellence you'll find this side of the Atlantic. For two consecutive years, she has produced my one-woman cabaret - an evening of song and story, complete with 17 tunes performed by a full band and backup singers. She coordinated everything from the venue decor (each time, the room was elegantly arranged with nuanced touches she created to fit the style of my show), rehearsal schedules (no easy task when dealing with freelance artists), both sound and lighting (which were executed exactly how I'd dreamed), wardrobe consultation (she's got an impeccable eye for design), song choice & show order determination (she created the perfect story arc), the props and scenery, transportation, catering menu, and sanity management - yes, my own. After months of planning and only one night to give the performance, I was able to do so with a peace that I've never experienced before! And it's because I knew that Alice had my back. I was and am so grateful for her. Not only did she deftly prepare me and my band for a packed house of audience members each year, she also helped me understand the higher purpose of it all, which brought each show to life with style, sass, and a whole lot of class!"

Amanda Jane Cooper
"Glinda" in the National Tour of WICKED

In the band: Patrick Dillon Curry, Cory Hunter, Garrett Hanson, Will Herrington & Sara Lindsey
Producer: Alice Issac