Katrina & Matt's Wedding

"Who runs the rehearsal and takes care of all those details before the wedding?", I had asked my daughter (bride) about 4 months into her wedding planning. After some calls, she realized neither the venue manager or anyone at the venue was responsible. They told her she needed a coordinator. I didn't want to hire a coordinator. This wasn't initially in our budget and I thought we could do it ourselves. After all, we (bride, groom, mother of groom, & myself) were so organized and efficient. We could surely put our heads together and figure it out.

Fast forward a few months of speaking with friends. I came to the conclusion that, without a coordinator, things would end up falling on my shoulders because I would want the bride and groom to be worry free and enjoy their day. I talked to my daughter and fiancé and we hired Alice as the coordinator.

As soon as we booked her, I felt myself relax. I wanted to enjoy and attend my daughter's wedding. I didn't want to deal with details. We ended up having a beautiful, fabulous, day celebrating the marriage of my daughter and son in law. We were all able to have fun and be in the moment knowing Alice was taking care of the order of the day.

Alice makes the bride and groom her priority and tends to their needs and wishes. She gets to know the family and makes everyone feel comfortable. She is joyful, confident, calm, and the love of her job shows in her demeanor. She is experienced and tends to details in order to avoid problems. Looking forward to hiring Alice again in the future."

Mother of the Bride,
Zina Khoury Azzouni