Hope in the City Fashion Show

The Power Player Lifetsyle magazine chronicles Mosaic's presentation of HOPE IN THE CITY: Wear Your Story, a charity event held during Los Angeles Fashion Week. Organized by Mosaic. With Tammy Borrero's design and vision.  The event features a gallery of over 50 local and professional artists and a runway fashion show of 22 established and up-and-coming designers. Each Newspaper creation is centered on the theme Wear Your Story. Alice Issac was asked to be the runway shows producer. She and her staff were so excited to create the perfect runway order to display all of the creativity and brilliance!


So much happens behind the scenes to make any event great, but when designers are trying get models fitted in just right with delicate paper material, sometimes things don't go as planned. To create the time needed Alice came up with a quick comedy sketch for Host Hank Fortener and Host of the Emmy Nominated daytime show "The Real" Jeannie Mai to play out. They were the perfect duo to keep the audience entertained for each model to come out looking Picture perfect! (When you see Alice, ask her about that sketch sometime.)