Lana & Jason's Wedding

"My wedding day was the absolute best day of my life! I am from the east coast, now living in San Diego, and had to plan my day without any help from the usual suspect: mom, sisters, best friends, etc. I am super laid back, as is my husband, so the details of a wedding were not as important to us as the thought of marrying one another. However, as the date started approaching I soon realized that even the simplest of weddings take quite a bit of preparation in order to be amazing! I was soon introduced to Alice Issac, a true life saver! The reason that Alice was the best wedding coordinator a bride could ask for was that I honestly did not have to think of a thing! I’m super easy going but obviously wanted a great day. I put all of my faith in this woman and hoped for the best. The day of the wedding she had everyone completely prepped and ready to go. Again, my mind didn’t have to focus on anything but walking down that aisle to the man of my dreams. And at that moment, with adrenaline pumping, the last thing you want is to be dwelling on the details! She made me feel calm and collected. She also had a way of making me feel like I was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen, even though she has seen tons!!! She reminded of the small things throughout the night that I would never think of doing. She even put my veil back on after I had forgotten I had taken it off. That is what champagne does to you! I remember my mom pulling me aside in the middle of the night and saying how impressed she was by Alice’s organization, focus, and enthusiasm. The night went so smoothly because of this wonderful woman. My favorite memory of Alice from that night came at the very end. My brand new husband, whom I had never seen drink as much as he did the night of our wedding in the 6 years together, was definitely in no shape to be at the reception any longer!! He had a huge smile on his face but behind his eyes said “Put me to sleep!” I was too excited to leave my party just yet and Alice was right there once again. I told her the predicament and without hesitation she said “Don’t worry, I got this. Go party” And she went along with a groomsman and took husband up to the room, got him settled, and came back to let me know he was in good hands and I could enjoy the rest of my night! It makes me laugh now but at the time, she just knew what to do to assure my happiness came first that night. Alice is great at her job. Plain and simple. I would recommend her to anyone not just for weddings, but any event! Your night will be great. The woman doesn’t mess around!"

Lana Bowman |