Laurana & Justin's Wedding

"Let me begin by saying that ANYTHING Alice does is AMAZING! She has an ability about her to make anyone feel like they are her number one priority in life, and she will selflessly go to the ends of the world to accomplish WHATEVER they need her to. This giving of herself whole heartedly allows for a very intimate relationship with even the hardest of personalities. Paired with an uncanny insight into the human psyche, Alice can "hear" what someone is really saying underneath the most convincing facade, and this makes her very effective in whatever role she is playing. Another one of her strengths is her humor. Coupled with the efficiency of a ten-armed human, Alice's humor and charm lighten every situation and create an enjoyable surrounding in the most tense of situations. After even a few moments with Alice, you could potentially have shared your most personal thoughts on life, cried and healed over them, and peed your pants from laughing too hard.

My wife and I had the pleasure and honor of having Alice coordinate our dream wedding, and let me tell you that she went far above and beyond our expectations. Alice knows her stuff, and since this was our first wedding, we were very naive and unsure of how things were supposed to go. With the gracefullness of a ballerina, Alice danced between multiple roles; she helped me write my vows and plan the music list, directed vendors to their locations, designed the flow of the wedding, organized the reception and ceremony layout, kept the bridal party focused so they could be helpful, AND managed to get us out the door at our right on time. Everyone knew what they were supposed to do, and when to do it allowing my wife and I to focus on each other. We knew that every last detail we discussed with Alice would be carried out, and that peace of mind was absolutely priceless. The best part was that everyone who interacted with Alice, was thoroughly impressed and better yet, left with a new Best Friend.

I can full heartedly say that Alice's movie star charisma and personality, mixed with her compassion and attention to detail, make her one of the best wedding coordinators to work with and watch!"

Justin Leithem  | 559.760.4088