Megan & Ric's Wedding

"Two words: ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Seriously, she’s super awesome. In fact, I’m certain that coordinating weddings is her super power.

She really went above and beyond for us. First of all, she was willing to travel from Southern California to our location in Sacramento, CA which was a big commute.

She helped us plan all the basics for the ceremony and reception by sending a list of things to think through. Once we had the big details figured out, she was wonderful at helping us figure out all the little ones and the ones we never even thought of. For instance, assigning people to take our wedding gifts to our house after the reception (since we were flying to our honeymoon that night). She really helped us think everything through—every little detail—and made sure it was exactly what we wanted. Perhaps that was her most amazing talent—helping us know what we wanted and then making it happen!

She’s friendly and lovable—everyone loves Alice!—and at the same time she’s strong, determined and probably the hardest worker I’ve ever experienced. She is the perfect combination of being personable and professional.

She was so willing to do whatever it took to keep the bride and groom sane and happy. On the day of the actual wedding, she was there to make sure everything went according to schedule, from start to finish. That everyone was in the right place and doing what they were supposed to. She worried about all the little details so that I didn’t have to. Seriously, it’s because of her that my husband and I had such an enjoyable day.

Here’s the biggest example of how she went above and beyond:

A few months before the wedding, my husband and I mentioned we’d like to do a fun dance with the bridal party at the reception—something with awesome music and choreography—the kind of thing that could become popular on YouTube but my husband and I said there just wouldn’t be enough time to pull something like that off. That of course did not fly with Alice. Because it was something we wanted she was determined to make it happen. So she created a seven-minute mash up of great music (everything from Michael Jackson to Flo Rida to Queen) and created the choreography for the entire dance. Then she came up a few days before our wedding to teach it to the bridal party. It was AWESOME. We performed it at the reception (a surprise to our guests) and received a standing ovation. People still talk about that dance even today! And its all thanks to Alice.

Our wedding went absolutely according to plan. I don’t know how often that happens, but I KNOW it only happened because of Alice. She worked along side of us as well as behind the scenes to orchestrate the absolute wedding of our dreams."

Megan Reyes