Chelsea & Billy's Wedding


I can hardly put into words how grateful I am for all that you did for our wedding and all that you are!!!

You really handled everything so gracefully and I felt like I could truly enjoy the day and put all my trust you and you did not disappoint :) From the Maid-of-Honor fainting, Billy's mom's dress ripping, and making sure my mom got close enough to Billy and I on the dance floor, you had everyone's back and managed to keep the flow of the night going perfectly. Thank you for chasing me down with the piece of carrot cake I was dreaming of, making sure Billy and I both ate during dinner (such a rare things I've heard), and for seeing that all of our little whims and special dance entrance not only happened but felt totally magical.

To say you are a blessing is an understatement! You and your squad of coordinators were so professional, kind and just dang GOOD! You really made our day so special and I'm forever grateful for all that you did for us!!


Love love love!!