Poet Ali Live Stage Show 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Alice Issac throughout the years in many capacities. She produced my live stage show for my band/album release, my brother's wedding, various fashion shows where I was the featured artist and weddings in which I DJ'd for her. I've watched her display unwavering dignity, unquestionable professionalism and consistent delivery in every instance. She has an uncanny attention to detail and brings awareness to the most subtle and commonly overlooked specifics. She has the ability to take abstract ideas/concepts and break them down to their most practical components giving everyone involved an overview of what it takes to execute the vision. Her organization is unparalleled, as is her ability to delegate the best person to complete each task. Her professionalism always stands out, even in the most pressing circumstances. I have worked along side her as a producer, under her as a vendor and been impressed with her delivery as attendant of various events ranging in size, budget, and attendance. Her involvement immediately increases the production value of any event she is producing or a part of. She is such an asset."

Poet Ali
CEO Poet Studios