Rebecca & Ethen's Wedding

"Alice simply makes the impossible possible! The parasols I spent a month looking for and couldn't possibly find, she found in 5 minutes. The same goes for every other special little detail that I wanted to put in my wedding but just didn't have the time or gumption to find, she was able to come up with no problems whatsoever. When I would become overwhelmed she brought peace, when I would get frustrated, she had the answers. I walked into our wedding day knowing that she had every detail handled; she simply has the ability to make everything that seemed difficult feel effortless. As a former wedding coordinator and currently a wedding photographer myself, it was very hard for me to turn over the details to someone else but she had a way about her that allowed me to trust that she had it under control. A stress free wedding day is simply priceless, I am so grateful for all of the love and dedication she put into our most precious day. It was beautiful, it was perfect and we are forever grateful to Alice for making all of the pieces fall into place."

Rebecca & Ethen Thacher