Tiffany & Ryan's Wedding

"Alice Issac was by far the best thing that happened to our wedding. Not only did she help us personalize it while remaining as budget friendly as possible, she went above and beyond to make the day special and run smoothly. Her organization, knowledge, and command of a room (without being overbearing) helped make everything go so nicely so that the myself and the rest of my family could rest easy and enjoy the party.

I loved how she helped us prioritize with our money by telling us how we should pick our three most important things that we wanted to spend money on and that we would find ways to make all the others special without throwing money at them. This gave us the peace of mind that we were getting the best of the best of what was absolutely essential for us. She never once made it about 'what she thought was best' but always about us as a couple and what fit our preferences, style, and personalities the most. The week of and day of were also so amazing with her in the picture. I knew I could trust her skills and people management completely in order to make it all go smoothly... and everything went without a hitch. It was awesome!

One of the best parts is how much she cared about us as a couple and making sure we were connected, and doing all the things that were best for us in order to start our marriage together. She didn't just care about the day of the wedding but us as a couple.

We loved Alice and would recommend her to anybody!!!"

-Tiffany & Ryan Bundra