Two Wings High Fashion Tea Party 2013

"Every moment was supremely orchestrated yet simultaneously natural and effervescent. From the moment my friend and I arrived, we felt guided by and sweetly tended to by the event staff.   Models with trays of champagne in gilded flutes and sugar-dusted dainty cronuts introduced us to the finely curated array of vendors before seating us on a charming patio to watch a small concert and a presentation about  Two Wings. Ladies in their best brunching garb clinked mismatched tea cups while talking about the fight against sex trafficking. Women who had never met one another before had authentic conversations about social issues, there was real connection and community. I don't think it's possible for someone to attend an Alice Issac Production and "check out" or feel awkward.  Alice has a unique talent for procuring authenticity from each and every one of the guests at her events. I can't say I know anyone else who cares so well and thoughtfully about everyone in attendance.  You and your guests will be in the best of hands with Alice! "

- Molly McCurdy - Costume Designer