Charity Fashion Show 

"When people ask me for event planner recommendations, there's no question: I always point them in Alice's direction. I work with a women's nonprofit called the YWCA, and we were planning a charity fundraiser fashion show. We were incredibly behind on our timeline. We also had huge dreams and a small budget. We wanted to create an unforgettable show to raise money for a fantastic cause, but we needed HELP.

Alice, very literally, saved us. Every obstacle we had-- she overcame. No lights in the venue? No problem-- here's the best lighting guy around. No staff? Don't worry about it-- here's her team of well-trained interns to help. She is so well-connected, she has a solution for everything. I really mean that. If you have an issue, Alice will fix it.

And this is what makes Alice the best: She listens to what you want, and she doesn't give up on making it happen. If it just doesn't exist on this planet for the available budget, she will make it come to life with whatever is available anyway, and you will walk away satisfied, never having even imagined that it could have been so great in this other creative way she came up with.

If I had to use three words to describe Alice, I would choose: Integrity, Work ethic, Fun. And that last one--fun--is key. This is probably the most hard-working woman I have ever met. She will put your needs above her own every time. But she will never complain about it, always bringing her calm, fun, playful personality to the task. It will keep you sane, I promise!

Bring Alice onto your team, and you will walk away very happy with your event. I know we did."

Margarita Rozenbaoum
Director of Development, YWCA Santa Monica/Westsideless